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passa porta festival day 3

Fri 22.03.2013 | 20:30
€ 10 / 7
Les Halles de Schaerbeek
Khaled Khalifa
Khaled Al Khamissi
Boualem Sansal
Raja Ben Slama
Ibrahim Al-Koni
AR / FR / NL

arab spring: writers in revolution

Arab Spring, Arab awakening or Arab revolution? In the name of human dignity and freedom, resistance movements in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya brought down their countries’ dictators. Democracy, so valuable that many are willing to lay down their lives for it, is being put to the test. In 2013 we hear the cry ‘Clear off!’ in the streets of Tunis. In Egypt and Syria men and women are standing up to be counted. They are not considering for a moment giving up their rebellion. Five Arab authors talk about their convictions in a broad discussion with the journalist Béatrice Delvaux and the Moroccan author Mohammed Berrada. For a better future to match the dreams that are still being blown to pieces.

An evening with debates, readings and music.
Simultaneous translations. 

‘In the face of the cannons, the writer stands naked and powerless’, writes the Syrian Khaled Khalifa.
‘A more just and human Egypt and, why not, led by a woman’, suggests the Egyptian author Khaled Al Khamissi.
‘The right not to believe and the right to sacrilege are constantly violated and endangered’, says the Tunisian psychoanalyst Raja Ben Slama.
‘In the shadow of tyranny, everything is doomed to exile’, says the Libyan author Ibrahim Al-Koni.
‘As long as I am in the spotlight, I am spared’, concludes the Algerian novelist Boualem Sansal

Meet the individual Arab authors during the “Littératures arabes” programme at Bozar on Sunday 24.3.

RES. 02 218 21 07 halles.be

ORG. Passa Porta, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Literature across Frontiers

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