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read the world

Sun 08.10.2017 | 20:15
€ 12/10

jonathan safran foer

On the occasion of the French translation of Here I Am (Me voici), published by éditions de l’Olivier, who have also published Jonathan Safran Foer’s previous books in French, Passa Porta and Flagey present Read the World by Jonathan Safran Foer, an evening in company of the author.

Just as tragic as it is hilarious, Here I Am simultaneously portrays a captivating family history and an world-changing disaster. How can we fulfill our conflicting tasks as father, husband, and son; as woman and mother; as child and adult? Jew and American? How can we claim our own identity when we owe so much to others? These are the essential questions Jonathan Safran Foer explores in his novel. And talks about on stage.

Born in Washington in 1977, Jonathan Safran Foer studied writing at Princeton University under Jeffrey Eugenides and Joyce Carol Oates. In 1999 he travelled to Ukraine to retrace his grandfather’s steps. This journey resulted in his first novel, Everything Is Illuminated, which combines the story of his personal investigation with the fabulous tale of a shtetl from 1791 to 1942. His second novel, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, portrayed a gifted child in search of his father in the wake of 9/11. This book delved deep into themes dear to Foer: death, Judaism, childhood confronted with the inconceivable repercussions of History, and the tremendous power of the imagination. Jonathan Safran Foer has earned a key position among young American writers, a position he confirmed by taking part in important public debates: his acclaimed non-fiction work Eating Animals (2009) stirred up quite some controversy.

Interview: Ruth Joos

Reservations through Flagey.

ORG: Passa Porta, Flagey

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