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passa porta festival day 4

Sat 23.03.2013 | 20:00
€ 10 / 8
flagey - studio 4
Lydia Davis
Arnon Grunberg
Anne Enright
Enrique Vila-Matas
Tahar Ben Jelloun
Gerard Donovan
Pierre Mertens
Kristien Hemmerechts
EN / ES / FR / NL

long night of the short story

World-famous authors from home and abroad will present their best short stories in the course of this extraordinary evening devoted entirely to storytelling. It will take the form of an imaginary journey to a whole range of places both strange and recognizable, with a variety of characters as your guide. Everyday reality will begin to resemble fantasyland, or else the fantasy will become reality. A very special evening!

The American Lydia Davis and the Dutch Arnon Grunberg are both masters of the poetic, slightly absurd short story. Anne Enright and Gerard Donovan do full justice to the Irish short-story tradition with their penetrating tales of contemporary Ireland. The Belgian Kristien Hemmerechts and Pierre Mertens take a worldly look at events close to home. In their stories, Tahar Ben Jelloun and Enrique Vila-Matas bring different worlds together.

Host: Chantal Pattyn

Res. 02 641 10 20 flagey.be

ORG. Passa Porta, Flagey, de Warande, Culture Ireland, Irish Literature Exchange, Embassy of Ireland

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