Cécile Wajsbrot

‘Literature supposes an alchemy between the outer world and the inner world. Neither one nor the other can be lacking from it. But how are we to combine them, how are we to move from one to the other?’, wonders Cécile Wajsbrot.

A prolific writer (novels, récit, essays, radio plays), she has chosen a life centred around this question, since she is also a translator from English and German (e.g. she has translated Virginia Woolf’s The Waves into French) and the president of the Maison des Écrivains et de la Littérature in Paris.

She now divides her time between Berlin and Paris, where her latest novel is set, Totale éclipse (published by Christian Bourgois), a text in which, as in the real world, art and life become intertwined. Also worth reading: the timeless work Pour la littérature, published by Éditions Zulma in 1999.


Photo © Mathieu Bourgois