Kenan Görgün

Kenan Görgün is a young Belgian writer of Turkish origin who, in order to avoid being given a label that might stick to him, first proved himself as a ‘French-language writer’ before turning his attention to his parents’ country of origin.

 It is with Fosse commune, published in 2007 by Fayard, that the author, born in 1977 in Ghent but educated in French, was introduced to the general public. This book – the incredible tale of a cocaine addict on the run (in space and time) between New Valley and Deep City after killing his mother – was a finalist for the Prix Rossel that same year. Patriot Act, released in 2009, also won over readers.

More recently, Görgün – who is also a film director, scriptwriter and playwright (J’habite un pays fantôme was produced at Théâtre Le Public in the autumn of 2015) – embarked on a trilogy devoted to exile. For this, the author decided to move to Istanbul, where he witnessed the events of Taksim Gezi Park. Anatolia Rhapsody and Rebellion Park have already been published by Editions Vents d’ailleurs.