eva hilhorst & wauter mannaert

The Dutch artist Eva Hilhorst (1970) has lived in Brussels since 2007. She publishes illustrations and cartoons in Brussel deze Week on a weekly basis. From December 2011 she will also be making comic strip reportages on socio-cultural events in Brussels with Wauter Mannaert (1978). Together with Pierre De Jaeger, Mannaert made the comic strip Ondergronds and in 2011 he won the Sint Michiels Prize for the best Dutch-language album.

For Brussels in Shorts each artist was responsible for one storyline: one about a young Flemish woman from the trendy Dansaert neighbourhood and the other about a Romanian immigrant; their two lives mirror each other. See also http://gpstripreportages.wordpress.com/

Wauter Mannaert & Eva Hilhorst's drawing board