paula bulling & maman salissou oumarou

The German Paula Bulling (1986) is an artist and translator. Her debut album, Im Land der Frühaufsteher, will be published in spring 2012 by Avant Verlag. For her Brussels' story she worked with Maman Salissou Oumarou (1975), a Nigerien actor, author and director who fled Niger for Germany in 2001. Together with Paula Bulling he is now working on Youssouf, an album about a young Nigerien who wishes to emigrate.

For Brussels in Shorts, Bulling and Oumarou created a story in which a Nigerien man telephones his niece in Niger from Brussels, so as to illustrate the contrast between the Oude Graanmarkt in Brussels and an African marketplace. Paula Bulling and Maman Salissou Oumarou stayed in Brussels from 26 March to 9 April 2012.


Paula Bulling & Maman Salissou Oumarou's drawing board