caravane d’écrivains flandre-maroc (2009)

20.10.09 - 15.11.09

Moroccan and Flemish authors joined hands in the autumn of 2009. In October, Rachida Lamrabet, Tom Lanoye, Joseph Pearce and Anne Provoost were the guests in Casablanca and Rabat. There they met colleague writers Latifa Baqa, Mohamed Berrada, Mohamed Nedali and Abdallah Zrika. In November, their discussions continued in Brussels and Antwerp.

These eight authors with roots in Flanders and/or Morocco presented themselves to the public during the course of festive literary-musical evenings and debates. They reflected on the changes felt in recent years by both countries. They examined the connections that have grown due to the migration of language, multilingualism and identity, among other causes — and how another's country inspires them. Above all, however, they were able to persuade one another and the public with the power of their literary work.