Fri 16.10.2020
12:00 - 16:00





Free - reservation via De Markten


in Dutch, English en French


You won’t catch scientists doing it very often, but writers of fiction can surrender to it unashamed: dreaming and speculating about the future to their hearts’ content. The result of their fabrications can turn out to be either movingly naive or amazingly accurate. A present that we could not have imagined a year ago and the exhibition Over tijd - Du temps at De Markten in the heart of Brussels are reason enough to put futuristic literature in the spotlight.

Listening to a future from the past

How did writers in the past see the future? What contemporary reality did they hold up to us at the time? As you enter the rooms of De Markten, you will enter wondrous worlds conjured by both the leading names of world literature and noble unknowns. If a single trip to the realm of the incongruous is enough, stay for a single fragment. But if you can’t get enough of exhilarating stories about the future, then you can spend the whole afternoon listening! The line-up of readers will be announced in autumn.

Read from your favourite futuristic book

Do you have a soft spot for futuristic fiction? Is there a particular book you keep returning to? Now is your chance to let the world know about your love for that work! Send an email to info@passaporta.be by 14 October! Mention ‘Futurotheca’ in the subject line and tell us which book you would like to choose (and which extract from that book), why you think it is so worthwhile, and in which language you’d like to read it. We may then invite you to come and read it yourself on Friday 16 or Saturday 17 October. We will also make a video recording, so that the ‘Futurotheca’ will be accessible online afterwards.

Exhibition Over tijd - Du temps

De Markten is the community centre of the Brussels Pentagon. It is housed in a beautiful building on the Oude Graanmarkt. To mark its 40th anniversary, the organization is holding the exhibition Over tijd - Du temps. Fourteen visual artists will show existing and new work that refers to the notion of ‘time’. The exhibition runs from mid September to mid November.

in collaboration with De Markten

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