Passa Porta opening lecture: Paul B. Preciado on love

Sat 21.09.2019
20:30 - 22:00
Paul B  Preciado Léa Crespi 1
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Reading in English, French and Spanish. Interview in English.

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A radical and complete thinker, Preciado addresses issues such as identity, degrowth and the body, always in response to a highly normative social order. Paul B. Preciado, who defines himself as a trans man, leaves no one indifferent. It was therefore a matter of course to invite him to talk about a subject as obvious and infinite as love.

Always love

What can love mean in an era of individualism, polarization, media coverage, competitiveness, post-colonialism and apocalyptic climate change? When we think of love, we almost automatically think of romanticism: physical and mental abandon, relationships and break-ups, marriages and children … But what do we see emerging when we look beyond these romantic clichés? What does love mean in relation to domination, to a patriarchal system? How can love support, emancipate and empower people? What about the political aspects of love? And when does love go beyond the binary?

Love is all

These are some of the questions that Passa Porta and the Beursschouwburg submitted to Paul B. Preciado. The preamble to a frank discussion, they will also be the starting point for a previously unpublished text that the philosopher will present exclusively on 21 September at 20:30.

His perspective on institutional violence, his constant call to step away from the norm in order to be freer and his personal journey will undoubtedly enrich the reflection on the subject. A must for all those who accept to let their ideas leave the beaten track. Tessel Veneboer is in charge of the interview.

Passa Porta, Beursschouwburg
photo © Léa Crespi

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