Vers brussel, guided bike tour

Sun 22.09.2019
14:00 - 17:30
Vers Brussel © Maurine Toussaint 5 1


Place de la Monnaie


Guided tour


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in Dutch and French

With the poetry route Vers Brussel, Passa Porta took the initiative to respond to the linguistic richness of Brussels and to give poetry a prominent and permanent place in the city in a variant on the phenomenon of urban poets in other cities. Poets from all corners of the world were inspired by Brussels and its many contrasts, paradoxes and emotions. Belgian artists set to work on their poems and created new work in the public space. With a guided bike tour that takes in several of the works, Passa Porta now takes you on a poetic voyage of discovery through the city.

tribute to the capital

Since 2004, twelve poets from as many linguistic regions – from Lisbon to Moscow and from Stockholm to Kinshasa – have paid a colourful and polyphonic tribute to the metropolis in the context of Vers Brussel. They immersed themselves in the daily life of a Brussels neighbourhood, in the company of a Belgian visual artist. On the basis of their impressions, the poets wrote new poetry, in a language that is the mother tongue of many Brussels residents. Each artist also created a permanent artwork, a symbiosis of the vision of the poet and the artist on the area they visited together.

poetic journey of discovery

This resulted in ten works of art in the public space. Visual art and poetry enter into a different dialogue each time and form an artistic route that takes in the city’s furthest reaches. Guided by brukselbinnenstebuiten, Passa Porta now takes you on a journey of discovery of these artworks. Read the poems in pictograms at the cemetery of Ixelles, walk through the quiet residential area of De Mutsaard and discover the poetic street signs, daydream about the time capsule buried under the Beguinage. During the bike tour you will be surprised by poetic interventions.

ontdek alle gedichten en kunstwerken van Vers Brussel

Passa Porta, Brukselbinnenstebuiten

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