Doina Ioanid

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09/18/2017 - 11/13/2017
Doina Ioanid

Doina Ioanid, born in Bucharest in 1968, writes exclusively prose poems. She taught French language and literature at the Transilvania University of Braşov, translated several novels into Romanian and is today editor of the renowned Romanian weekly Observator Cultural. Between her and her translator to the Dutch translator Jan H. Myskjin, there is a fruitful collaboration, which resulted in Het juffertje van marsepein (Customs, 2011) and Oorbbells, bellies and loneliness (Perdu, 2013). With The rhythms to tame the female urchin released in 2014 (De contrabas) all her poems are available in Dutch for the first time. Together they also translated poems from Dutch to Romanian. In her work, Ioanid transforms and dissects the texture of everyday life and exposes existential fears in sedative rhythms. She calls poetry a' late love'.

"For me, the prose poem is the most suitable form of expression. Within that form I can tell stories, about me, about others, both intimidating and simply anonymous people, because every human being is a kind of life chronicle, if you like. A simple story, conceived in an unsuspecting way, can very well catch the poetry in which we live."

Doina Ioanid, one of the most fascinating voices of contemporary Romanian poetry, will stay in the Passa Porta flat on the Old Graan Market from 18 September to 13 November and work on Les Plus Petites Proses, a collection of prose poems inspired by everyday observations.