Passa Porta Workspace ll: write & sleep


The second floor of the house of literature Passa Porta is where you will find Workspace II, a comfortable room with a writing desk, Wi-Fi, a single bed, a built-in wardrobe and a balcony that gives out onto the common roof terrace and the Passa Porta Office.

You can book the Passa Porta Workspace II to write and to sleep.

Workspace II shares the same address as the offices of Passa Porta, the Workspace I, the Passa Porta Bookshop (ground floor) and the Passa Porta Salon (second floor). If you have booked Workspace II, you are free to use the spaces of the Passa Porta Salon.

Practical information

Antoine Dansaertstraat 46, 1000 Brussels

At least 1 midweek

Throughout the year, excepting the Christmas holidays and the period between 15 July and 15 August


The Passa Porta Workspace II is available to authors in all literary genres who have published at least one literary work with a professional publishing house. To be considered as a playwright, a professional company must have performed at least one play, and as a scriptwriter at least one of your scripts must have been turned into a ‘director’s movie’.

We accept all applications that meet the criteria, on the basis of the first come, first served principle.

The minimal rental period consists of a complete workweek. If you choose to use Workspace II for more than one week, you can also stay there during the weekend. You yourself are responsible for your meals and drink, with the exception of coffee, tea and water.

Feel free to contact us for all the financial and technical questions.

Contact & booking

You can book Workspace II throughout the year. To do so, email us!

Contact person: Nathalie Goethals (coordinator)

Tel: 0032/2/226.04.54