#brusselsbookcity | Video portraits of literary actors (V): Dolores Oscari

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For #BrusselsBookCity, we asked several actors of the Brussels book sector to share with us some of their favourite books and to fill us in on their favourite spots to read in the capital of Europe.

It is under the gaze of the talented video director and photographer Alice Khol that they open up on film.

This week me meet Dolorès Oscari, actor, director and manager of Poème 2.

Shot and directed by: Alice Khol
Edited by: Lèna Noiset

A literary theatre open to exploring genres, Poème 2 brings to the stage authors, novelists, essayists, philosophers, poets, and more. Its specificity: living French-speaking Belgian authors. Its programme seeks to ‘surprise’ visitors with literary gems that take on a new dimension by being given an oral performance.

Poème 2 is recognized as an interdisciplinary space that welcomes established names but also emerging talents (new productions, guest shows, events with authors, philosophers and poets, etc.). On top of these activities, Poème 2 still pursues the ‘major classics’ of its historic section, ‘Les Jeunesses Poétiques’, which is still going strong.

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