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Order your festival tickets online. They give you access, via a link that you will receive by e-mail, to the online festival platform until April 5th. Watch live or at a later moment of your own choice, rewatch... it’s all possible !


As always, a selection of the festival programmes is freely accessible.
If you want to take part in the other programmes, you can choose between two formulas : a separate ticket for a specific programme of your choice,
or a ‘Festival Pass’ for access to all programmes. For both formulas,
you yourself choose the price you pay. A personal choice, from an entry-level price to a support price.

  • Digital Festival Pass: 15 € | 20 € | 30 €
  • DigitalTicket: 5€ | 8€ | 10€

And what if?

If it is again possible, the Passa Porta Festival is ready to welcome the audience in the Brussels venues. Live tickets will then be available via The Passa Porta Festival will ensure the safety of all : compulsory mouth masks, signage, contact tracing, filling the venues row by row, guaranteeing the necessary distance between seats per bubble...

  • Live Ticket : 7 € | 10 € | 13 €


  • People with a limited income pay only €2 via Paspartoe for an event at Passa Porta.
  • Via Article 27 persons from vulnerable groups pay €1.25 per ticket.

For any questions, please contact