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Passa Porta has its eyes on the future. As a house of literature we are happy to give young literary talent a push, whether writers, translators or publishers.

Connecting Emerging Literary Artists

With CELA, a selection of 18 gifted writers, 24 translators, 6 emerging literary professionals andthe 7 participating literary organizations follows an intensive programme that is focused on developing skills, tools and a network.

During the first year, the talents were prepared for the European literary market through masterclasses and residencies, and they learned how to communicate with an international audience.

In the second year of the programme, the talents are introduced to the European literary market. That will happen in 2018 and 2019 via an international marketing and advertising campaign, a European tour that takes in six major festivals, and various networking events with well-known writers, publishers and literary organizations.

The literary talents that take part in CELA develop new skills, an international network and new work thanks to a programme of writing and translation commissions.

European objective

The objective of CELA is the creation of a European context for a new generation of literary makers.

What is exceptional is that the project offers literary talents the opportunity to collaborate intensively and internationally at an early stage of their career. They also get the chance to present themselves to an international audience. CELA also gives the smaller languages a great opportunity: the project lets small voices be heard in a choir that is often dominated by the big singers.

The driving forces behind CELA

The project is a collaboration between seven partners from six countries:

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Wintertuin (the Netherlands, project leader), Passa Porta (Belgium), Booktailors (Portugal), Pisa Book Festival (Italy), Escuela de Escritores (Spain), Cinepub (Romania) and Vlaams­Nederlands huis deBuren.

The programme is made possible thanks to the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

The seven CELA partners jointly believe in the need for a sustainable infrastructure for literary talent development. With it we can preserve the diversity of European literature and, in a market often dominated by bestsellers, give a boost to a range of literary talents.

CELA also focuses on the creation of new digital possibilities for literary makers and on the development of new ways of generating income as a writer or translator. In this way the selected talents can build up both an international literary career and a freelance practice that is rich in opportunities.