Your visit to Passa Porta with a covid safe ticket

What do I need to be able to attend a performance at Passa Porta?

  • Your ticket, printed or on your smartphone
  • Your Covid Safe Ticket
  • Your proof of identity (ID card, driver’s license, or passport)

Have your proof of identity and Covid Safe Ticket ready on your smartphone when arriving, this way scanning can go easily and quickly. The Covid Safe Ticket can also be shown in printed form. When scanning, our personnel only sees your name, date of birth, and the QR code. There are no personal health details shared with us.
Arrive on time, so we can avoid long queues when scanning the Covid Safe Tickets.

How can I obtain my Covid Safe Ticket?

You can request your Covid Safe Ticket via the CovidSafeBE mobile app or on websites like Mijn Burgerprofiel, or MyHealthViewer. To request certificates digitally, you need either your identity card + PIN code + card reader, or an other digital key, such as itsme.

You can also have the Covid Safe Ticket sent to you by post. In that case, you will have to take into account a waiting period of 1 week between order and receipt. Contact the Helpdesk of the region where you were vaccinated for this. You will find all the necessary information here.

The Covid Safe Ticket also makes use of the same QR code as the European Digital Corona Certificate. So if you already have such a certificate, they you don’t need to request an additional document.

Are you not a resident of Belgium but from an other country of the European Union? Then you can use the European Digital Corona Certificate. More information can be found here.

Are you a resident of a country outside of the European Union? Then contact Info-Coronavirus to obtain a valid QR code.

The Covid Safe Ticket is free-of-charge.

Can I be tested on the spot?

No, we don’t offer on-site testing.