New CELA Edition Granted!

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cela #3 announcement

You might have heard it by now already, and even if you haven’t, our next announcement might not come as a surprise… We’re incredibly proud to announce that CELA will continue next year! Again generously supported by Creative Europe and lead by Wintertuin, the third edition of CELA will run from 2024 until 2027.

We’re excited to continue our efforts to support emerging talent in reaching new European audiences!
Building upon our established partnerships and extensive international network, we will be expanding our reach and team!

Introducing our new partners

The Iași International Festival of Literature and Translation – FILIT (Iași, Romania) is a project that brings together in Romania hundreds of professionals in the cultural field: writers, translators, publishers, festival organizers, literary critics, librarians, book distributors, managers and journalists.

Next Page Foundation (Sofia, Bulgaria) aims to encourage international literature communication by supporting the empowerment of underprivileged groups, languages and countries. Next Page develops cultural programs and projects in the field of books, reading and translations.

The International Book Arsenal Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine) is an annual project where the book, literary and artistic scenes develop and interact with each other, and important issues of human existence, as well as society and culture are raised. Every year about 200 Ukrainian publishers present their publications at the exhibition-fair.

End of CELA Festival Tour '22-23

The second edition of CELA lasted for four years. This project offers a new way, a more sustainable way to connect different European countries and cultures. For this reason, we celebrate all the achievements. For every festival stop during the European Festival Tour of 2022 and 2023, we published an Instagram takeover and a blog post. All the texts written during the project as well their translations are available on our website to the public.

The festival tour in a nutshell

Krokodil Festival, Serbia

“It wasn’t magical only because of that, but it was rather a very special edition, because of the third evening, divided in two parts, where the audience had a chance to meet the artists from the CELA project.”

by Ana Popović, Translator IT-SR

Folio Festival, Portugal

“Following a whole day of flights and transfers, we arrived in Lisbon, where a car was waiting for us to take us to Obidos, a wonderful town in central Portugal, some 50 kilometers to the north of Lisbon.”

by Ilija Stevanovski, Translator SR-PT

Conrad Festival, Poland

As the story goes, the beautiful city of Krakow was founded by a wise king called Krakus, who had to protect his entire city from a fearsome dragon who’d taken up his residence in a cave in the Wawel mountain.”

by Nikki Dekker, Writer NL

Eñe Festival, Spain

“When asked about the need to translate directly from minor languages, everyone agreed that by using a pivot language "we miss out the flavour and spices", Ivana stated. Carmen pointed out that English has too much dominance within the market.”

by Luciana Cezara Moisă,
Translator RO-ES

Ljubljana Book Fair, Slovenia

“After meetings, multiple workshops, getting together with so many different personalities and diverse origins, zoom meetings, learning and much mental stimulation, I could perform in a country that is not mine, in a language that I didn't know the fruit of labour.”

by Patrícia Patriarca, Writer PT

Passa Porta Festival, Belgium

“What is both exhilarating and democratic about Passa Porta is bringing together established writers, artists, literary professionals and encounters between them, as well as emerging ones, like ourselves, the CELA talents invited over to Brussels.”

by Cristina Vremeș, Writer RO

Wintertuin Festival, the Netherlands

“As it grows dark, the conversation turns to tales of one of the ancient residents who lost three wives and a child here, and has haunted the place ever since - a fact apparently confirmed by some of the participants in the writers' residency.”

by Anna Beata Háblová, Writer CZ

Book World Prague, Czech Republic

“Next morning CELA’s authors and translators meet there with representatives of leading Czech publishing houses. Anyone interested in our books? The actual fair was moved to tents and halls that are located near the Planetarium, in the middle of a green park.”

by Urszula Jabłońska, Writer PL

Bookfest, Romania

“As you closed your eyes, you could immerse yourself in the atmosphere, allowing your senses to awaken. The sounds of conversations, discussions, and book presentations filled the air. The scent of freshly printed books, coffee from nearby improvised coffee stands, and the anticipation of new literary discoveries tantalized the olfactory senses.”

by Iolanda Vasile, Translator PT-RO

La Grande Invasione, Italy

“As a native of Turin, I must confess that I have always looked at this province with a certain degree of mistrust and low-key snobbery, it seemed strange to me that it had been decided to bring the performances of the texts right here, what kind of audience would be able to appreciate them?”

by Giulio Scremin, Translator PL-IT