The Woolfotheca!

Woolf Illustration

On Tuesday 1 October, we will be awarding the seventh Passa Porta Noble Prize to Virginia Woolf, one of the greatest modernist writers of all time.
Readers clearly haven’t forgotten her yet: our Woolfotheca was a great success. No less than 26 Woolf fans visited our ‘room of one’s own’ to read their favourite passages aloud and tell us about their love for the author and her work. Take a look at our Woolfotheca playlist, get inspired… and see you on October 1st?

Thanks to all our Woolf readers (in alphabetical order) : Elke Abbeloos, Maialen Arrano, Maggy Borlez, Delphine Cheverry, Uschi Cop, Bea De Pauw, Jessica Devis, Felix A. D’Haeseleer, Ilke Froyen, Edwige Guerlet, Pauline Ghyselen, Jean Jauniaux, Ludivine Joinnot, Amande Lambotte, Kate Christina Mayne, Alia Papageorgiou, Silvia Pastorelli, Alyssa Saro, Bernadette Scheerens, Laura Tack, Steven Van Ammel, Steven Van Der Heyden, Silke Vanhoof, Tessel Veneboer, Muriel Claude Verhaegen, Tuur F. Vermeiren.
Camera: Timo Vergauwen.