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support Passa Porta to brings less visible voices to the foreground

With their observations on a human scale, authors can broaden our view of society. Thanks to them, we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and experience other visions and perspectives. Literature forges connections and builds bridges.

Passa Porta wants to act as a driving force in this area and to be a meeting point for various identities, whether languages, cultures or other forms of diversity – of which there is no shortage in a city like Brussels!

Together with our public, we want to get to know the intrinsic diversity of our society, to make room for the stories and voices that get less attention. With this in mind, Passa Porta often explores untrodden paths, even going beyond books and traditional literature.

You can help us to create more such connections, projects and meetings. Whether big or small, your support can help us to reinforce our laboratory for the exchange of ideas, texts and stories for all.

how does it work?

You make a donation of your choice and Passa Porta sets to work on writing and translation assignments, publication opportunities and showcases. If you make a donation of at least 40 euros, we will automatically send you a tax certificate for your next tax return. With this, you can get a tax reduction of 45 per cent on your donation. A donation of 100 euros will therefore not cost you more than 55 euros.

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Click on one of the amounts below or go for an amount of your choice. Fill in your details (required for the tax certificate) and then pay safely via Bancontact or credit card thanks to the simple and reliable payment provider Mollie.

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