story booth

Sat 25.03.2023
13:00 - 17:30




in english, french and dutch

Have you ever got yourself all tangled up running from one city booth to the next? Well there’s no risk of that at this booth. Oscar Briou and Augusto Pedraza will welcome you and your administrative woes, and in return offer you other stories collected before (and maybe even during) the festival. Anonymously, of course.

If you don’t have any stories to drop off, you can still visit the two booth holders, who will tell you stories in the language of your choice (FR, NL, EN, ES, IT, PT) and immerse you in someone else’s story for a moment.

about the artists

Augusto Pedraza and Oscar Briou are two playwrights and directors, one from Mexico and the other from Brussels. They met at RITCS. Augusto is active in theatre and film and is also part of Two Options. His creations are independent, imaginative and/or romantic. Oscar is a versatile artist, novelist, documentary maker, actor and socio-artistic coordinator at Recyclart.

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