video: the wounds of multlingualism: losing and learning languages


With The Wonders of Multilingualism Kaaitheater and Passa Porta are launching a series that sheds light on the human, cultural and political complexities surrounding multilingualism. A series that immerses you, as it were, deep into the bath of multilingualism in our city.

On 23 February 2021, Brussels-based author Sulaiman Addonia and performing artists Ahilan Ratnamohan and Rabina Miya had a first public conversation around this. Inspired by Addonia's recent essay "The Wound of Multilingualism. Surrendering the Languages of Home", they bring with them exceptional stories about the impact of migration, learning new languages, a lost mother tongue, the privilege of language control...

To be continued in 2022, with other writers, artists and other experts of multilingualism!

Watch the conversation between Sulaiman, Rabina and Ahilan, introduced by Barbara Van Lindt (Kaaitheater).