Interview with Norwegian double-talent Matias Faldbakken

dim. 28.03.2021
12:30 - 13:30
Matias Faldbakken


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Présentation, Interview


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A conversation with Matias Faldbakken can go off in any direction. He is not only one of Norway’s most famous artists, but also one of its most successful writers. His latest novel won the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature and was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize.

Images and books

Matias Faldbakken has been in Brussels before, in his capacity as a visual artist exhibiting at WIELS. His work is represented by the best galleries in the world. At the same time, he has established himself as a writer. Vi er fem is already his fifth book.

Creative with clay

Vi er fem is about Tormod Blystad, his wife Siv and their two children, who live on a barren plot of land in Norway. When the new family dog Snusken dies, Tormod sets to work in his garage with red clay and fertilizer. However, his creative efforts unleash forces with consequences he could never have foreseen …

A wonderful reading experience

With this book, Faldbakken lives up to his reputation as an idiosyncratic artist since Vi er fem is no ordinary novel. Blending adventure, horror, mythology, science fiction and raw realism, the writer and image-maker has crafted an unusual novel which, according to the jury of the Critics Prize, delivered ‘the most wonderful reading experience of 2019’.

The novel is an unlikely mix of a realistic family novel, rural narrative, sci-fi adventure, and horror all rolled into one. It is a testament to Faldbakken’s novel-writing abilities that these seemingly contradictory premises do not cause the story to bow down. Quite the opposite, in fact, as it is elevated into something completely unique, which could not exist anywhere other than in this novel.
Nordic Council Literary Prize

Passa Porta, Noorse Ambassade, Uitgeverij Oevers, KVS

picture matias faldbakken © ivar kvaal

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