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festival passa porta day 1

Wed 20.03.2013 | 20:00
€ 5 / 4
passa porta
Boualem Sansal
EN / FR / NL

opening with boualem sansal

The Algerian author Boualem Sansal will open the festival with an appeal for a more imaginative society and the need to dream. Sansal is one of the Arab world’s most important writers and is praised for his courage and critical attitude towards the Algerian regime. The novel Unfinished Business signalled his international breakthrough and exposed the thin line between Islamic fundamentalism and Nazism. Though banned in Algeria, his powerful literary oeuvre has been widely translated, to international acclaim.

In 2011 Sansal was awarded the prestigious Peace Prize by the German book trade. Together with David Grossman, he recently initiated the worldwide Writers for Peace movement, which has already received the support of hundreds of prominent writers.

Come and hear this exceptionally talented and courageous author, who for the Passa Porta Festival is dreaming up a better world.

To imagine is not to dream, imagination is rebellion, transgression, ambition, it is a voluntary act that goes beyond our fears to face their causes.
- Boualem Sansal, from his lecture written for the Passa Porta Festival

After the reading Nele Hendrickx will talk to the author.

Livestream: passaporta.be

ORG. Passa Porta, Literature Across Frontiers

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