Counterforces : lore binon, ikraaan & amina osmanu 

Fri 24.03.2023
20:00 - 22:00


music, performance


€ 21


sung in dutch, french and english

On stage, three singers embody the incantations, spells and other fantastic tactics of various female archetypes. Their lyrics and script are based on a chapter of Dominique De Groen’s ambitious novel-in-progress, in which three girls forge an alliance to fight patriarchy and capital together.

We seem to have landed in a dark timeline characterized by inequality, polarization and ecological apocalypse. Are there any ways out other than despair, denial, apathy or techno-utopianism? An alternative path is put forward by young women challenging fate with an open mind. A playful and celebratory but also fierce and powerful act of resistance, a tradition of female magical rebellion that long undermined established power structures and made many a patriarch think of the stake.

The singers have been given free rein to attack Croene’s mechanical/ romantic piano playing with their vocals.

This performance makes up the artistic bridge between the Klarafestival and the Passa Porta Festival.

Dominique De Groen (b. 1991) is a writer, poet and visual artist. Her work has appeared in Deus Ex Machina and Kluger Hans as well as on Samplekanon and hard//hoofd, among others. Her debut collection Shop Girl was published in 2017. It was followed by Sticky Drama (2019), offerlam (2020) and Slangen (2022). She posts poetry and visual work on Dominique De Groen’s work has been nominated for the Aan Zee Poetry Debut Prize, the Herman de Coninck Prize and the Fintro Literature Prize. De Groen is also the winner of the Fintro Public Award 2021, the Jan Campert Prize 2022 and the Culture Prize of the City of Ghent 2022.

Frederik Croene (b. 1973) enrolled at the Lemmens Institute under Alan Weiss after a period as a self-taught musician. Due to a growing interest in contemporary music and new performance practices, Frederik Croene moved to Ghent and took piano lessons with Claude Coppens. He then moved to Brussels, where he obtained his master’s degree under Boyan Vodenitcharov in 1999. He has performed traditional piano recitals in Estonia, Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, Germany, France and the Netherlands. On each occasion, he also gave profound performances of Belgian music, for which he received the Pelemans Prize in 2005. He has released numerous records and CDs since 2003, the most recent highlight being Solastalgia in 2022.

Lore Binon (b. 1985) studied violin and especially singing in Brussels, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Her sensitive and rich musical personality makes her a much sought-after soloist in Belgium and abroad. She likes to collaborate in music theatre performances, opera productions and contemporary music concerts, and nurtures a great love for chamber music. Find out more on

Amina Osmanu a.k.a. Amos forms, together with Truenoys, A/T/O/S (a taste of struggle). They released a 3rd album, Waterman, in 2020.

IKRAAAN is the pseudonym of singer Ikraan Mohamed Haji. In 2019 she released her first EP, HAPPY PILL. A year later, Studio Brussels selected IKRAAAN for the final of ‘De Nieuwe Lichting’ and she recorded the song ‘Why’ with Jef Neve. In 2022 she broke through with her first album, Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg.


ORG. Passa Porta, Klara Festival, Concertgebouw Brugge, De Beursschouwburg en B-Classic

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