Eduardo Halfon: The complex life story of a literary innovator

Tue 23.03.2021
21:30 - 22:30
Eduardo Halfon


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interview, book presentation


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in English, with subtitles in French and Dutch

Eduardo Halfon, the celebrated author of The Polish Boxer, is back in the spotlight with the recent Dutch translation of Mourning, a collection of short stories. A conversation with the Guatemalan writer will always be about roots and identity, but autofiction and idiosyncratic narrative forms will also be discussed.

Global citizen

Eduardo Halfon was born in Guatemala in 1971 and moved to the United States at the age of 10, where he lived for many years before returning to Guatemala. He currently lives in France. His descendants came from countries as diverse as Ukraine, Egypt, Palestine, Spain, Lebanon, Syria and Poland.

World tour

After his successful collection of short stories, The Polish Boxer, Halfon impresses again with Mourning. His complex family history was clearly a source of inspiration for this work of autofiction, in which a series of remarkable stories form a meandering life journey around the world, in search of meaning, memories and certainties.

Form and content

Identity, uprootedness and personal history are recurrent themes in Halfon’s work, which also explores the boundaries of fiction in the best Latin American tradition. Plenty of material for a fascinating conversation.

Passa Porta, Wereldbibliotheek, Mythras Books

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