Ryoko Sekiguchi

Sun 31.03.2019
12:00 - 13:00
Te herbekijken tot het einde van het festival
Sekiguchi © Hbamberger 1 Zw


Cinema Palace


performance, Lunch


€ 10 + a valid Festival Pass


in French

In her latest book, Ryoko Sekiguchi explores the untranslatable notion of Nagori, this idea of the season that has just past and which can apply as much to the taste of a fruit as to tottering love affairs. Here, we meet the creator of culinary events that are one of a kind.

Watch out! To access this event, two tickets have to be bought (separately): a Festival Pass (day pass or weekend pass) and an extra ticket (€10). Advance booking is required; places are limited!

A four-handed creation

Pursuing a line of research that meanders between writing and gastronomy, Ryoko Sekiguchi has organized events such as Lorsque l’humidité change, le monde change (Centre Pompidou Metz, 2017), La cuisine des nuages (Fondation Cartier, 2018) and Banquet fantôme (Centre Pompidou Paris, 2018).

For the Passa Porta Festival 2019, she has chosen a number of books by women authors of the festival. With her partner, the Japanese-born chef Sugio Yamaguchi of the Botanique restaurant in Paris, she imagined amuse-bouches inspired by extracts of these books turned them into a literary and culinary happening to be savoured after guessing which extract inspired each recipe. The public returns home with a small off-print that gathers the chosen extracts.

An author-performer who connects worlds

Ryoko Sekiguchi is a Japanese poetess and translator who has been living in France for the past twenty years and whose writing has slowly migrated from self-translated Japanese to French. She regularly creates culinary-literary performances combining words and taste-related sensations.

"A culinary culture is a language, a phrase is a dish and the words are the ingredients"
Ryoko Sekiguchi

Passa Porta, Le Palace

Photo Ryoko Sekiguchi © H. Bamberger