The wonders of multilingualism #3

Tue 11.10.2022
20:00 - 21:30





€ 10/7/4


Dutch, English, French, multilingual

For some time now, Passa Porta and Kaaitheater have been coming together around the theme of multilingualism in all its wonderful and complex facets. Together with writer Sulaiman Addonia and theatre-maker Ahilan Ratnamohan, we delved into the depths of their life stories marked as they are by the acquisition and unlearning of language.

During a subsequent discussion with a diverse audience (including teachers, parents, artists, writers, and academics), the most pressing questions surrounding multilingualism were listed. This became the agenda for this long-running series 'The Wonders of Multilingualism'. Some of the topics: the role of language in the intergenerational dynamics, the joy of multilingualism, language and power relations (dominant languages), the politics of non-translation, the poetry of non-understanding ...

Last May, the theme of the evening was 'mother tongue'; this autumn, there will be another such evening. The theme has not yet been decided, but the structure is already known: the focus is on mutual conversation, supplemented by short artistic interventions around the theme.

That way, Passa Porta and Kaaitheater hope to build a diverse community that meets around a shared interest. Especially for you, we have created an interactive blog where the exchange can continue, even in between the evenings. If you register, you will receive an invitation to take part. You do not have to attend the whole series, everyone is welcome to participate as much or as little as suits them.

Organisation: Passa Porta and Kaaitheater

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