in residence: marius goldhorn

Marius1 SB

Meet German poet and novelist Marius Goldhorn, our writer-in-residence in May 2022!

In this video portrait by Brussels director Sarah Baur he talks about his most recent books, his work with texts by writers from the past, his ideas on time and his fascination for the somewhat rougher parts of Brussels.



Marius Goldhorn (1991), born in Koblenz in Germany, is the author of four books of fiction, essays and poetry. His latest publications include the novel Park (Suhrkamp) and the poetry collection Yin (Korbinian). During his residence at Passa Porta, he is researching his Belgian family heritage and the routines of the governmental apparatus of the EU, attempting a form of "double archaeology": uncovering institutional Europe and uncovering his family background. Inspired by Hubert Fichte's researched writing, his novel aims to superimpose the rites of Europe's capital with the rites of identity construction.

This residency was made possible with the support of Flanders Literature.