Video: Iain Sinclair in residence. On walking & writing

Vidéo Iain Sinclair
I am looking for looking. I am looking for being open. I am looking for being alive in the there of the there.

As of Thursday 12 March 2020 Passa Porta decided to close its doors in order to protect everyone as much as possible from the coronavirus. “Social distancing” is what experts advise, “social nearness” is what we aim for with our literary events. Yet fortunately our evening with Iain Sinclair could take place in front of the camera, so as to offer our audience the chance to listen to this extraordinary writer and learn about his current projects, also involving Brussels.

Here you can see our British writer in residence in conversation with Nicky Aerts and in the good company of his Brussels-based Spanish friend and translator Adolfo Barberá del Rosal. Get ready for an intense exchange of ideas on walking and writing, prose as poetry, strange coincidences, “getting into the zone”, Guy Vaes, Charles Olson, a beast in the Palais de Justice, gold machines and... the writing virus. (At 40:25 you may also like to click the link to Adolfo's reading from Calor de Lud, his Spanish translation of Sinclair's Lud Heat.)