Found in Translation

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During the ‘Found in Translation’ workshops, you can get a taste of the art of translating. Assisted by experts, you translate short extracts from texts by Belgian or international authors who are visiting Passa Porta. Workshops are alternately in Dutch and in French.

Literary translation

Are you fascinated by translation? Do you devour books and do you want to find in your own language the well-chosen words and formulations which both read well and remain faithful to the content of the original text? Then make sure to enrol in our translation workshops! No professional background is necessary, only a feeling for literature and a good knowledge of French and Dutch.

In preparation for the workshop, you first prepare a translation of a specific passage at home and send it to us. During the workshop we then compare the best translations and discuss them under the practised eye of a professional translator.

The author of the source text often also takes part in the workshop, so you can ask him or her your questions! After the last round of corrections, the two best translations are published on the Passa Porta website.

To translate is to produce similar effects by different means
Paul Valéry