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Christine Angot, Kevin Barry, Michel Faber, Régis Jauffret, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, A.L. Snijders, Annelies Verbeke, An Pierlé

Sat 28.03.2015 | 20:00
€ 12 / 10
EN / FR / NL

long night of the short story 2015

Masters of the short story from Belgium and abroad share the spotlight during a new edition of the Long Night of the Short Story. They play with the theme of Time in various languages and styles. Stories often focus on small, intimate events at the intersection of past and future. A unique host of writers and characters, with musical accompaniment by An Pierlé.

Kevin Barry, winner of the International IMPAC Dublin Award, and bestselling author Michel Faber draw on their sharp poetical vision to depict universal situations. A.L. Snijders is a notorious master of the very short story, while Régis Jauffret tells a tale about old age full of black humour. Cult writer Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, crowned with Russia's highest literary award, blends the banal and the bizarre. French novelist Christine Angot draws the portrait of the age with fictionalized observations. Annelies Verbeke, Belgium's most translated short-story writer, reads a new story written for the occasion.

ORG. Passa Porta, Flagey, de Warande Turnhout, Irish Literature Exchange


RESERV. 02 641 10 20 flagey.be

Photo: signélazer

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