A skewed view of Bad Gays

Sun 26.03.2023
16:30 - 17:30
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‘If sexuality is central to how we understand the lives and accomplishments of our beloved queer icons, why not the anti-heroes as well?’ With this observation, Ben Miller began the now long-running Bad Gays series with his podcaster in crime Huw Lemmey.

We all love Wilde, but who speaks for Bosie?

We are used to history books emphasizing heroes, pioneers and martyrs. In an attempt to tell a more wide-ranging story about the history of the queer movement, however, historians Ben Miller and Huw Lemmey focus on anti-heroes. Everyone loves Oscar Wilde, but who speaks for his flawed lover Bosie?

What about those ‘bad gays’ whose less than exemplary lives might just reveal more about the queer emancipation struggle than expected? Drawing on figures such as Emperor Hadrian, anthropologist Margaret Mead and gangster Ronny Gray, Bad Gays chronicles the troubled genesis of the LGBTQ movement.

Like the makers of Bad Gays, Tim Devriese and Max De Moor examine the prejudices and clichés about LGBTs in their podcast Scheef Bekeken (A skewed view). One could hardly imagine better hosts for a thought-provoking conversation with Ben Miller about the life stories that turn upside down common concepts about sexual identity.

about the author

Ben Miller is a British author and researcher. He is a PhD student at the Graduate School of Global Intellectual History at the Free University of Berlin. He has taught queer history, literature and visual culture at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His essays appear regularly in The New York Times, Jacobin and The Los Angeles Review of Books, among others.

Since 2018 he has served on the board of the Schwules Museum, one of the world’s largest independent institutions for archiving and publicizing queer narratives. He co-hosts the popular podcast Bad Gays. Miller lives and works in Berlin.

about the moderator

Scheef Bekeken (A skewed view) is a queer podcast from Flanders. In each instalment, Tim Devriese and Max De Moor strip bare clichés about LGBTs before dressing them up again.

Olivia Laing

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