Brecht Evens

Sat 25.03.2023
11:00 - 19:00
Brechtevens c thomas vanhaute





A brilliant illustrator and multi-award-winning graphic novel artist, Brecht Evens will create a fresco in real time. His subject? Refuge, the theme of this 9th edition of the Passa Porta Festival.

About the author

Brecht Evens was 22 when he graduated from the Sint-Lucas school of arts in Ghent (Belgium) with his graduation project, The Wrong Place. His inimitable style, characterized by a remarkable mastery of colour and transparency, the explosion of perspectives and a taste for detail, is immediately appealing. Published in 2010, The Wrong Place won the Daring Prize at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. With the publication of The Making Of (2011) and Panther (2014), Brecht Evens’ reputation has continued to grow and now extends far beyond the world of comics.

In 2018 he published The City of Belgium, an impressive graphic novel of more than 300 pages, which tells the story of three night owls as they wander through a sublime chimerical city. This book earned Evens the Fauve Special Jury Prize at Angoulême in 2019.

In-between books, Brecht Evens works for the press and the fashion business. He is represented by Galerie Martel in Paris.

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picture © thomas vanhaute

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