Marie NDiaye & Ryoko Sekiguchi

Sat 30.03.2019
15:30 - 16:30
Marie Ndiaye


La Bellone




in French

Some things are so obvious that they bring authors together. Cooking is a case in point here: Marie NDiaye wrote the brilliant The Cheffe: A Cook’s Novel (forthcoming), while Ryoko Sekiguchi combines words and tastings in her texts and performances. Meeting.

Two worlds

Sekiguchi © Hbamberger 1

Ryoko Sekiguchi is a Japanese poet and translator who has been living in France for 20 years and whose writing has slowly migrated from self-translated Japanese to French. She regularly puts on culinary-literary performances combining words and taste-related sensations.

Marie Ndiaye

Marie NDiaye was only 18 when her first novel was published, Quant au riche avenir. Her reputation was established with Rosie Carpe, Prix Femina 2001 and then Three Strong Women, Prix Goncourt 2009. In 2016 she wrote The Cheffe: A Cook’s Novel (forthcoming), in which she tells the story of a female chef who achieved glory and who sees cooking as a spiritual adventure.

book signing

Marie NDiaye en Ryoko Sekiguchi will sign their books after the programme, at 16:30 at La Bellone. The books will also be for sale at the signing.

Passa Porta, La Bellone

photo ryoko sekiguchi © h bamberger

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