Technology of tenderness: for a poetic shelter

Thu 25.03.2021


Film, Music, Poetry




English, French & Dutch

What do 3.3 kms of the Brussels streetscape become after being exposed to a ‘technology of tenderness’ created by Tania Haberland? From the North to the South Station, come and listen to murmurations to rekindle humankind kindness, body and water movements that whisper, a river of voices that pulsates to the rhythm of the city, and roads that interweave stories, shaping a refuge for hearts and minds. A poetic shelter in which to (re)discover tenderness ...

a sound and visual mosaic

On the initiative of Passa Porta, performer and poet Tania Haberland has crafted a collaborative work. Her starting point? Words of tenderness from Brussels residents, mixed with sounds by DJ Coline Cornélis, an aerial silk dance by artist Hugo Mega, video by director Romain Boniface, graphics by Amina Saadi, and the voices of Lucie Pousset and Gökhan Kızılbuğa.

listen to it wherever you want

The poetic shelter of the ‘Technology of Tenderness’ consists of a multilingual sound collage and video poem that will appear in the Passa Porta Magazine from 25 and 26 March on. The sound collage lends itself particularly well to a stroll through the city; don’t hesitate to listen to it as you wander around the streets of Brussels.

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