Nadia de Vries

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30/05/2022 - 27/06/2022
Nadia de vries lola noir

Nadia de Vries (1991) is a Dutch writer and culture theorist.

She is the writer of the critical thesis Kleinzeer (2019) and of the novel De Bakvis (2022), both published by Pluim. In 2020, she obtained a PhD at the Amsterdam University for her thesis about the image online of the dead human body. The same year, she was rewarded by the Basisprijs of the Jonge Kunstkritiek and was designated as one of the ten literary talents of the new decade by the NRC Handelsblad. She also wrote three poetry collections, including Dark Hour (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018) and I Failed to Swoon (idem, 2021). Her latest collection, Know the Audience, is to be published by Moist Books in 2023.

During her residency at Passa Porta, she is working on the draft of her third book in Dutch, a novel about overload and denial.