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If you are a non-Belgian writer and have you set your heart on the colourful and inspiring city of Brussels as the setting for the creation of your next literary project, then a writer residency at Passa Porta is just what you need!

What does it consist in?

Every year Passa Porta receives about eight foreign authors for a residency in Brussels, for a period of 44 weeks in total. We create the ideal work environment for their literary project, in the research and writing phase.

As writer-in-residence you stay for a minimum of four and a maximum of eight weeks in a spacious apartment, you receive a weekly allowance and you have a computer, an Internet connection and a printer at your disposal.

In addition, Passa Porta actively involves you in the Belgian cultural scene, in the international network of literary organizations and in the extensive calendar of activities of the house of literature.

We ask you to leave behind a literary trace in the form of a creative text about your stay in Brussels and to be open to a meeting with your audience in Belgium. These services will be properly remunerated.

From 2020 onwards, the candidacy for a residency will take place after an annual open call. The next call will go out in June.