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Every two years, the international house of literature Passa Porta welcomes writers, thinkers and artists from around the world to the heart of our country for the multilingual Passa Porta Festival.

In 2021 the literary event will adopt a formula suited to the Covid pandemic: a full-fledged festival with a sophisticated digital programme and a festival that is ready, if authorized, to welcome live audiences to its Brussels venues.

The literary celebration of words, ideas and stories will last no less than 8 days.


As we all know only too well, the past year has been marked by absence. One encounter, however, has never taken up so much space in our lives: that of words and literature. Passa Porta therefore wants to reassert the vital presence of authors in our lives. Authors embody the spirit of the times. That is why we asked seven Belgian and international authors to write about what they were currently going through. Max Porter, Imbolo Mbue, Marie Darrieussecq, Hubert Antoine, Chika Unigwe, Aleksandra Lun and Marieke Lucas Rijneveld have each provided illuminating answers, in forms ranging from essay to poetry, and covering perspectives from ecology to multilingualism.

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Since almost everything of the festival will be recorded there is no need to choose among the events scheduled. With the pass, festivalgoers will have access to the entire programme util April 5th. Watch live or at a later moment of your own choice, rewatch... it’s all possible!

During the weekend, let your curiosity turn into discovery: compose your parcours among the 50 events on offer – depending on your favourite authors, your language, the formulas you prefer or your mood of the moment! Feed on stories, confront your points of view and fill up with new ideas during the interviews, debates, lectures, workshops or close readings the festival has in store.


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Read more about Passa Porta Festival in the press kit. Press photos can be found in the press drive.