The bookshop invites: A.M. Homes

Wed 12.10.2022
20:00 - 21:30
A M Holmes copy Ulf Andersen


interview, book presentation


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The unfolding

With The unfolding the American writer A.M. Homes has written a stunning and devastatingly funny portrait of a familiy which no longer wants to live a lie, in a world where the establishment is doing everything they can to stop change and progress.

The Big Guy loves his family, money and country. Undone by the results of the 2008 presidential election -the defeat of John McCain by Barack Obama- he taps a group of like-minded men to reclaim their version of the American Dream. As they build a scheme to disturb and disrupt, the Big Guy also faces turbulence within his family. His wife, Charlotte, grieves a life not lived, while his 18-year-old daughter, Meghan, begins to realize that her favorite subject—history—is not exactly what her father taught her.

The political is personal

In a novel that is as much about the dynamics within a family as it is about the desire for those in power to remain in power, Homes presciently unpacks a dangerous rift in American identity, prompting a reconsideration of the definition of truth, freedom and democracy—and exploring the explosive consequences of what happens when the same words mean such different things to people living together under one roof.

‘A terrific black comedy, written almost entirely in pitch-perfect dialogue, that feels terrifying close to the unfunny truth'
Salman Rushdie

Our very own Annelies Beck -writer, journalist and avid reader- will interview A.M. Homes.

about the author

A.M. Homes (1961) is the author of thirteen books, among them the best-selling memoir The Mistress’ Daughter; the novels This Book Will Save Your Life, The End of Alice, and Jack; and the short story collections Days of Awe, The Safety of Objects and Things You Should Know. She also writes for film and television and teaches in the Creative Writing Program at Princeton University.

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