in residence: podcast 'cruising is only for men' with amelia abraham

Beurs pride

Amelia Abraham, English writer and journalist, was Passa Porta’s writer-curator in residence in April and May 2021. During her stay in Brussels, she curated an episode of the podcast "Scheef Bekeken" with Max De Moor and Tim Devriese. Together, they discuss queer literature and cruising. Do women practise it too, and in the same way as men? How has the concept of shifted over time, particularly in light of gay culture in the West becoming less underground and more mainstream, and in the wake of COVID-19, which has – for the most part – put physical contact with strangers off-limits?

Abraham interviews author Yelena Moskovich on the subject, as well as legend of the Brussels lesbian scene Marian Lens. You can listen to the podcast episode here: