Reni Eddo-Lodge in Antwerp

Thu 03.10.2019
20:00 - 21:30

Reni Eddo-Lodge's book Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race triggered countless reactions. As a result of her presence at the Passa Porta Festival, her book has now also been translated into Dutch by uitgeverij Polis. During the presentation of Waarom ik niet meer met witte mensen over racisme praat, Reni Eddo-Lodge will talk about structural racism in Europe and Belgium with Tunde Adefioye and dr. Olivia Rutazibwa, as part of the Antwerp festival L’Afrique c’est chic.

from the article to the book

When Reni Eddo-Lodge wrote on her blog a post titled ‘Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race’, she didn’t expect to draw so many reactions from her readers. In fact, they are the ones who drove her to continue the discussion and to document the subject of her article in a book.

Indeed, many of them wanted to know how to fight with her against structural racism. Or to share their own experiences. In any case, they showed the author that the subject she had raised touched people.

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race, the original title of the prizewinning book by Reni Eddo-Lodge that has already been translated into many languages and has in itself stirred up controversy. A demonstration of the structural racism at work in the UK, it questions our shared responsibility.

'The work of anti-racism feels like shadow boxing, like fighting ghosts​.' ​
Reni Eddo-Lodge

and what about belgium?

To answer this question,we will tumn to Olivia U. Rutazibwa who holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Portsmouth and is a former Africa editor at MO*. Especially post-colonial power relations, diversity, Europe in the world, democratisation, (humanitarian) interventions and Afrocentrism occupy her mind and writing. She wrote a decolonial manifesto, Het einde van de witte wereld (The end of the white world), which will be published later this year.

The conversation will be led by Tunde Adefioye, city dramaturge at the KVS in Brussels. In San Francisco, Adefioye obtained a master's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and through his doctorate he ended up in Leuven. In 2009 he founded the slam poetry organization vzw Urban Woorden. In rekto:verso he published a ten-step plan for the decolonisation of the arts sector.

Read Reni Eddo-Lodge's blog post 'Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race'.

passa porta, de roma & polis uitgeverij. in het kader van l'Afrique c'est chic.

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