Slam Night

Thu 28.03.2019
22:00 - 23:30
Samira Saleh Zw



Poetry, performance, presentation: slam poetry has it all. Whether rapping, versifying or improvising, slam poets work their way through their thoughts and their performance. Five slam poets from England, France and Belgium engage in a pulsing, energetic exchange. Spoken-word artist Samira Saleh presides over this verbal joust.

The gift of the gab, the bottom of the heart

Personal and recognizable, vulnerable and tough, soothing and challenging, hilarious and dead serious, inflammatory and calming. A slam night lets you see all the colours of the emotional rainbow. The performers bombard you with their clever, challenging and moving brainwaves. Slam poets don’t mince words, and everything they say comes from the bottom of the heart. Their backgrounds differ, but their belief in poetry as a buffer against a hard-hearted society is a constant.

Experienced and committed spoken-word artist Samira Saleh (NL) is the slam night’s MC. Samira will be familiar to you from her work for Mama’s Open Mic in Antwerp and now also in Brussels. She represented Belgium at Next Generation Speaks, a leading slam project in San Francisco.

Slam dunks will be provided by Joëlle Sambi (FR), Amerah Saleh (EN), Loucka (EN), Aru Lee (EN) and Sefora Sam (EN).

Passa Porta, Beursschouwburg

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