Strange, surprising adventures

Sun 31.03.2019
11:30 - 18:00
© Shamisa Debroey




Illustration, Installation


in English, Dutch and French

Five illustrators share their own views of Robinson Crusoe in as many cartoons. Daniel Defoe’s legendary and innovative novel is still just as adventurous, but for modern readers also rather colonial and moralizing. In the White Cube, five illustrators give the work a colourful, playful and critical update.

Praised and condemned

It has now been 300 years since Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe rolled off the presses in 1719. The adventure of the islander and his servant Friday inspired countless writers from later generations. But Robinson Crusoe is not free of criticism: the underlying tone of white, Western moral superiority and a now superseded argument for civilization raise questions.

A critical view

Five young illustrators cast a critical gaze on the novel. In five distinct cartoons, they each cast a new, postcolonial and feminist gaze on the world of the castaway. VJ artist Aitor Biedma will then set to work on the cartoons in order to create five wonderful islands in the White Cube of the Beursschouwburg.

About the artists

With colourful drawings in ink and watercolour, Jayde Perkin makes cartoons and independent artworks. The British illustrator has made illustrations for, among others, Penguin Books, Das Magazin and Lenny Letter.

During the day, Antwerp-based illustrator Charlotte Dumortier makes cartoons and murals, while at night she secretly designs ‘yum yum zines’, little gems somewhere between an artwork and a postcard.

Sarah Cheveau plays with colour, form, words, sounds, hands and feet – her own and those of others. With her drawings and artistic workshops, this French illustrator wants to appeal above all to children and young people.

When she was three years old, Denise Hermo visited her first art studio. Since then she has always had colour pencils at hand. The Brussels-based Argentine is active as a web and logo designer and as a book illustrator.

Shamisa Debroey’s illustrations feature regularly in, among others, De Standaard, Focus Knack and De Morgen. Her graphic novel Verdwaald was published in 2013 by De Bezige Bij.

Aitor Biedma is mad about moving images. He creates short video clips, artistic 3D images and live VJ shows.

Passa Porta, Beursschouwburg

illustration strange surprising adventures © shamisa debroey
photo shamisa debroey © jeroen vanneste

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