#BrusselsBookCity - Bruxelles en chansons

Vanessa Herzet
2018 Bbc Bruxellesenchansons Illu Coline Cornélis

With Bob Dylan awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature and Kendrick Lamar becoming the first hip hop artist to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Music, there is no longer any doubt that songs belong to the literary field.

Brussels has inspired many melodies in all musical styles. In order to celebrate the successful union of music with the Belgian capital, here is our selection of French and Dutch texts praising a city where it feels good reading and singing, whatever the language!

Listen and watch:

Marie Warnant – Bruxelles (2005)

Eva de Roovere - Zomer in Brussel (2008)

Arno – Brussels (2010)

Akro (feat. Julie Rens) – Bruxelles Plurielle (2011)

Françoiz Breut - BXL Bleuette (2013)

Lucio Bukowski – Poème sur Bruxelles (2014)

STIKSTOF - Brussel Bruisend (2014)

Bénabar – Bruxelles (2014)

Boulevard des airs - Bruxelles (2015)

Roméo Elvis (feat. Caballero) – Bruxelles arrive (2016)

BaliMurphy – Rue de Flandre (2017)

You can also explore our Brussels-inspired SoundCloud playlist! With even more artists, because everyone has something to say about Brussels...

Vanessa Herzet