#brusselsbookcity | Video portraits of literary actors (l): Joëlle Baumerder

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For #BrusselsBookCity, we asked several actors of the Brussels book sector to share with us some of their favourite books and to fill us in on their favourite spots to read in the capital of Europe.

It is under the gaze of the talented video director and photographer Alice Khol that they open up on film.

This week we meet Joëlle Baumerder, the director of the Maison du Livre.

Shot and directed by : Alice Khol
Edited by : Lèna Noiset

Throughout the year, the Maison du Livre organizes activities centred on books and on writing (book presentations, debates, readings, small shows, thematic exhibitions, etc.). Housed in a magnificent art deco building with the municipal library of Saint-Gilles, the Maison du Livre seeks to break down walls, to bring people together in a spirit of exchange. It is open to all publics, all cultures and all proposals. The Maison du Livre is also a house of writing: workshops and camps are given by professionals for writers of all levels.

To find out more:

La Maison du Livre
Rue de Rome 24-28
1060 Brussels