city of stories, here we go!

23 City Of Stories 032021 C Lessire

On 21 March, the first day of spring, 60 stories were delivered throughout the Brussels Region by a dozen actors. A way to (re)connect.

11 a.m. Hanne rings the bell at Gorik’s house, in Laeken. She has come to deliver the stories he ordered a few days earlier. They sit outside, on a bench near Gorik’s house. Hanne starts giving a very lively reading. The chosen texts, among others those by Laurence Vielle and Lize Spit, deal mainly with Brussels. The tram passing by blends into the background. Curious passers-by slow down, as does a police car, checking that social distancing is being respected. A little break in the routine, some literature to brighten up the day. A quarter of an hour later, Hanne and Gorik part, invigorated.


There were 60 such moments in Brussels on Sunday 21 March. This event marked the start of the ‘City of stories’ operation, a partnership between several of the city’s cultural and cohesion actors aimed at bringing stories back into the public space. Of, by and for the residents of Brussels.

The next events are scheduled for 25 April, 13 May, 5 June and 11 July.

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