Caroline Lamarche’s book club

Passa Porta2017 Caroline Lamarche© Barbara Sandra Rho K 2

With her incredible drive, love of literature and social commitment, Belgian author Caroline Lamarche has been the driving force of a French-language book club at Passa Porta for a couple of years already. She shares her vast knowledge of literature and writers, which she chooses on the basis of their unique writing style and enriching content.

Think reading is a lonely activity? Think again!

In a book club you share your reading experience and impressions, you analyse remarkable works collectively and as such acquire insights which you may not have had by yourself. Caroline Lamarche sets the discussion in motion with a number of telling observations.

Caroline Lamarche: an old hand at literature

Unsurprisingly, Caroline Lamarche herself is an incredible bookworm. Like no other she will enthuse you about the best books in her library.

Lamarche has published a dozen works, including Le jour du chien (Minuit, Prix Rossel, 1999), La nuit l’après-midi, (Minuit, 1998), Karl et Lola (Gallimard, 2007), La chienne de Naha (Gallimard, 2012), La mémoire de l’air (Gallimard, 2014) and Dans la maison un grand cerf (Gallimard, 2017).

All the books of the book club are available in paperback and at a reduced price in the bookshop of Passa Porta.