The wonders of multilingualism

Tue 08.02.2022
18:00 - 22:00

Last year, Passa Porta and Kaaitheater organised an evening of discussion entitled The Wounds of Multilingualism, with writer Sulaiman Addonia and theatre maker Ahilan Ratnamohan. The discussion afterwards showed that many spectators, artists, teachers, students and parents felt like continuing this project. That is why we decided to continue this series by starting from the subjects offered by the public.

That is exactly what we are going to do on 8 February: bring together and discuss the themes that are alive among those involved and those with experience.

That evening, together with the audience, we will set the agenda for the rest of the series of discussion evenings we are planning. The initial question reads: How can multilingualism be even more of an asset (and less of a burden)?

The evening will be moderated by an experienced facilitator of the Open Space conversation format, a proven method of giving all attendees the right to speak. We take the different languages of those present into account.

#multilingualism is a series by Passa Porta and Kaaitheater. In February you can go to Kaaitheater for Ahilan Ratnamohan's new monologue. In Alle woorden die ik nog niet kon knew he reports on the disciplined process of expanding his Dutch vocabulary. Passa Porta is looking forward, among other things, to cooperating with the Asmara-Addis Literary Festival (in Exile), set up by Sulaiman Addonia, who has plans to organise a genuine multilingual parade through Brussels.

Wanted: Sixty people who deal with multilingualism in their daily, professional lives or in their artistic practice and who would like to discuss this with each other.

Org: Passa Porta, Kaaitheater

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